Twos (All Day)

Dr. Maria Montessori
The child can only develop full by means of experience in his or her environment.

- Dr. Maria Montessori


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  • The TWO YEAR OLDS are busy becoming independent. Identifying individuality and one’s influence upon the world is a full time job! The Twos are ready for the challenge. The social life of the little child begins to take on new arenas of social involvement. The Two year old engaged in parallel play will begin to negotiate, compromise and share. Language acquisition explodes as Twos learn names of colors, shapes, numbers and letters and speak in complete sentences as they express their thoughts, ideas and wants! Stories, songs and conversation keep the Twos room buzzing all day.

    New awareness abounds as the two year old engages in activities with more steps and complexities; Thinking through and solving two year old problems, Doing things myself and becoming more and more independent mastering skills that excite, motivate and promote confidence in the little learner are part of the two year old’s daily routine. The children are active working on and playing with specially prepared learning materials based on hands on learning and whole child emergence. The Montessori two year old is encouraged to fully experience every activity. We recognize that little children learn with all of who they are. The sensory and physical components of the learning process speak directly to the two year old and intrigue and satisfy his nature.