Kindergarten (All Day)

Dr. Maria Montessori
The child’s conquests of independence are the basic steps in what is called his or her natural development.

- Dr. Maria Montessori


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  • The MONTESSORI KINDERGARTEN experience is the culmination of the Montessori pre-primary 3 year cycle. The materials the children used in earlier years helped to develop the concentration, coordination, and work habits necessary for the completion of more advanced exercises. Transferring out of the Montessori experience at the kindergarten year can interrupt the progress of the beginning reader and the budding mathematician.

    During the kindergarten year the child emerges as master of the environment. He is familiar with the classroom, has much experience with the materials, and has developed the skills necessary for challenging work. Many children begin reading and math at four years old, but the most exciting accomplishments occur during the kindergarten year.

    Reading, writing and arithmetic are developed to the level of the learner’s ability, often well beyond age expectation. In a Montessori classroom, a five year old can gain an early understanding of many difficult concepts which can be stumbling blocks in grade school. Here, she can deal with concrete materials that enable her to understand the concepts of addition or multiplication by seeing, counting, and manipulating the golden beads. Reading and writing are developing most rapidly as the children learn to name and organize more of their world and its parts.

    The MONTESSORI KINDERGARTEN experience is the culmination of the Montessori pre-primary 3 year cycle.

    Artwork changes dramatically too. The five year old is capable of representational drawing, allowing him to draw objects from the environment in a truly recognizable form. Being able to put their ideas down on paper fuels a desire to create more and experiment with these skills. The older child is more in control of his body than ever before.

    Kindergartners enjoy being the fastest, the tallest, the best! They like being the master of the classroom, they beg to be able to tackle ‘hard work’. The kindergarten year in the Montessori classroom gives a tremendous boost to the child’s self esteem. Her mastery of so many skills build the confidence to push forward. Her success builds her confidence as well. The younger children are in awe of her. They turn to the kindergartners for help. There are many opportunities for the five year olds to help the younger ones. This valuable experience reinforces their academic knowledge, and enhances their self esteem.

    Overall, we at Greenbrook Montessori School are committed to providing the best for your child. Kindergarten age children need hands on and learning by doing opportunities. Mastering academic basics along with building good self esteem, confidence, and independence are critically important to a successful school experience.


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