3-6 year olds (All Day)

Dr. Maria Montessori
A child is constantly inspecting his surrounding, her house.

- Dr. Maria Montessori


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  • In our 3-6 YEAR OLD MONTESSORI ENVIRONMENT children learn in mixed-age groups. This enables the older, more socially advanced and capable children to become role models. A feeling of community develops as younger children are aided by older ones and as older children practice patience, nurturance, and leadership skills through their experiences with younger children. In a mixed-age classroom, children can choose friendships based on common interest. Respect for self, for others, and for the environment is nurtured in order to guide the children toward self-discipline. Respect is modeled by the adults, creating the social context. On the road to independence, children must develop motor coordination and control. The freedom of movement found in the Montessori Early Childhood environment allows children the opportunity to learn to control their bodies in a defined space.